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Name That Show?

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OKAY, this absolutely falls into the category of non-Home Inspection topics; but I’m looking for some clever ideas.

I have been offered a weekly radio show (2 hours) in St. Louis (KDHX, 88.1). I’ll be playing my own selection of rock, soul, blues, Americana, singer-songwriter, etc.

Originally I was going to call it "A Spoonful of Blues". Meaning it is a variety show with a little of this and a little of that and a spoonful of Blues. However, one day when subbing for another DJ a caller asked me if I had my own show and I said that I did not, but if I did it would be called a spoonful of blues and he replied "Oh, they already have enough blues shows". So I thought the title did not work. I then came up with “Hands Free Radioâ€

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Sounds like a musical gumbo. Hey...that sounds like a show title!

BTW, I assume you know this and it's a typo, but it's Otis Redding, not Reading. And it's Mary Gauthier, not May.

Your artist list is great. Then again, I tend to be a bit schizo -- musically speaking, anyway. Can't tolerate rap, though.

And who is Mofro?

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. . . The type of artist I’ll play on the show are as follows: Dylan, Stones, Young, Zevon, Clash, Elliott Murphy, Tom Waits, Solomon Burke, Nina Simone, Bettye LaVette, Sharon Jones, John Lee Hooker, Otis Reading, James Carr, Allen Toussaint, Buddy Guy, May Gauthier, Gov’t Mule, Elvis Costello, Ramblin Jack Elliott, John Hiatt, Van Morrison, Lou Prima, Chris Spedding, Leonard Cohen, Cracker, Mofro, Jimmy Reed, …..

How about "Old Folks' Music."

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"A Dog's Breakfast for Lunch"

"Mark Marks this Spot, The Mark of Mark"

This reminds me of a tune, the only tune in the northern hemisphere with "Mark" in it. A guy at work (Mark) was driving me nuts with Johnny songs, "Johnny Angel, Johnny Get Angry", Johnny ad nauseum. I had to get him to shut up, but how? This tune finally got him.

I met him at the kennel and his name was Mark

Mark mark mark, Mark mark mark

I had a hairlip and I tried to bark

Mark mark mark, Mark mark mark,

everybody singing the chorus, and it was a hoot. [:)]

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"Sweet songs for young nipples." (Not really.) When my youngest was in college he did a 4AM to 7AM stint daily. Not too many listeners, but there was a farmer that called a few times saying that he played the show on the speakers in the barn and the cows were giving more milk. They loved his tunes. But back to the name. How about:

"Real songs for real people." The folks that listen to those artists this many years later are real people.

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