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277 Switch box washdown


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Looks like a 2 gang weatherproof box with 2 single-gang wall switches installed. Not shown is the cover. What happened? Cover was missing?

I think it's important to mention, if this is the case, that the voltage on these switches was 277 V, which is the voltage available between a hot wire and the balanced neutral of a 3 phase, 480/277 V service (if memory serves me correctly).

That higher voltage is much less forgiving of water intrusion than 120.


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It wasn't weatherproof! They had washed down the area, and directly sprayed the box with water. When the breaker kicked an inexperienced electrician reset the breaker witout checking what had happened. Had this been in a house, I think it would have burned to the ground. As it was in a factory and the wall was fire retardent there was no other damage. As for the switch, it melted the center. Service was from 277 and there were three switches installed. You are correct on the voltage

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