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leaking flat roof

john willett

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after having read the quote the only flat roof that doesn't leak is in a place where it doesn't rain. This problem is with a flat roof that the membrane and all drainage routes were re-done 2 years ago and it

only seems to have problems not in rain but with snow and cold.

The roofing company has come out three times and re done any thing

that even smelled like an avenue but problem continues. The roof is

pvc over drainage sheeting over 6 inch foam with a nailer back over

vapor barier over 3/4 inch rough cut cedar. There is no attic and

no other insulation except in the kitchen where there is a ceiling

dropped 6 inches with bat insulation under the former. I have inspected the membrane which has no seams at corners, and only one seam

down the middle of the roof which appears completely intact. I've come

to the conclusion that the problem may be condensation as the leaks

are all in high humidity areas and the roof (not having an attic space is not vented. Again the roofing job which is wrapped over the parapets of this adobe home (stucco with no visible cracks) appears flawless. Ideas?

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