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I was just enlightened to this one.

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The site was down for a while.

I found some info about Spokeo:



http://www.spinsucks.com/social-media/d ... o-profile/

I see my house only dropped about $35,000 in value over the past few years.

It's got me listed as being in my early 50's. I just turned 50 this past August.

My hobbies are reading and sports. Hmm, I loathe sports.

It says there are 3 people in my household. That's correct. It lists my wife Rita, but not my stepdaughter Natasha. Instead, it has as the third householder, 'Norma Hancaviz'. Norma is a psycobitch that I almost made the mistake of marrying 20 years ago. I wonder what Rita's reaction will be when she finds out the three of us are now one happy family (with the same surname). I guess I better check what the bigamy law is in PA.

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