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Guarded Fireplace

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Heres my excuse for not inspecting the fireplace.

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It wasn't there when I opened the glass doors and went off to look at something else. One of the buyers walked by the fireplace looking for a cable wire and mentioned to the other buyer that there was a cable on the wall and an owl in the fireplace, then the screaming began when the thing winked at them.

I thought it was sent by the agent to keep an eye on me as she didn't show up for the Inspection.

Ezra Malernee

Canton, Ohio

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Jeez Ezra,

You messed up. He was there to deliver mail to you and you completely missed it. You probably could have been on the train to Hogwarts by now.

It's a screech owl. There was one of those little guys that used to roost in the ivy covering the outside wall of the elementary school in my home town when I was a kid. Every year, I'd screw up the courage just once to climb the vine, get within about a foot and a half of the little guy, reach out and try to snatch him. Every time, just as I reached out, he'd suddenly erupt off his roost and fly off, scaring the crap out of me and damned near causing me to lose my grip on the vine and fall. After about five years and five failed attempts, I stopped trying. Its a good thing too; if I'd caught it, it probably would have taken one of my fingers off.

I imagine its kids probably roost there now.



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