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Sledding in Michigan

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I took the kids sledding in Mich this past weekend, MLK holiday. The landscape is so boss i just had to post some pic. That's Lake Michigan in the background around St. Joe.

Of course, I took some "Artsy" pics i will post later.

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Reminds me of when I was a child growing up in Port Colborne, Ontario, on the shores of Lake Erie. I have vague memories of a run that would take us right out onto the frozen lake. Or maybe just to it? It was a long, long time ago but I do remember Lake Erie could freeze over enough for ice fishing. I think I once caught a salamander!

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Yeah, it piles up in the same general manner as Lake Ontario. The onshore winds take the pack ice and pile it up into huge mountains. There are often 3 or 4 sets of pressure ridges that pile up.

I've got some pics somewhere from several years back where we are up on some 80' ice mounds.

And, the ice forms up in those doughnuts that look like white blood cells.

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This is about 10 miles N of St. Joe, Mich and you are right, Kurt, beautiful and no one else around to ruin the silence but me and my fam. I havn't been to SW Mich in dead winter since I was a little kid.

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It was pretty cold 20F so I bought hand and foot warmers for everyone and not a single complaint for over 3 hours.

My goal was to not break my neck and I achieved it.

This pic I fished up from march 2008 when the snow is just melting and you can still see the sand bars piled up.

Great shots, Gary.

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