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An Apology

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Accepted. I don't suffer from ambivalence, either, so please accept my apology, as well.

This forum has a purpose, but straying beyond construction-related discussions also allows us to get to know one another, and develop friendships. I referred to Kurt as a bastard when he was in China, knowing full well he wouldn't misinterpret what I said. That wouldn't have been possible if we didn't wander around, or even cross, the out-of-bounds lines every once in a while.

Most importantly, the majority of folks who hang out here are reasonable and understanding, and something like this can be addressed and soon forgotten.

We're still going to have that beer one day, Terry.

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As many of you know it’s not often that I don’t have opinion on a topic (be it right or wrong) and it’s not in my nature to be a wallflower. However this past Saturday I crossed a line. I apologize to those that I offended.

My apology also... I did not get to read more than a couple posts before it was deleted, and it was not my intention to start a firestorm, however my wording certainly did.... bad choice of words

Also nothing wrong with having an opinion, part of being a part of this great country made up of varied ideas and opinions

again....... my apology

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