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For the multi tool guys out there...

Tom Raymond

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Yeah, ours does most of that but ours doesn't have any of the fence cutting, wire twisting or bottle opening features.

The Chinese have a folding entrenching tool made for their paratroops which is an almost direct copy of our's but it's made out of heavier metal. Our's has been kept intentionally lighter and is made out of lighter metals to make it lighter to carry.

I like some of their military innovations and don't like others. I wouldn't mind having one of these. Looks like a pretty good workhorse.



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I hope they pack a file as well as the tool. The cutting edges wouldn't last too long with all that digging they're doing in the clip.

The wire cutter is a good innovation.

But I'd pack a hacksaw blade if there was pipe to cut. [:)]

I gave my son an army trench tool I had in the shed to carry in the trunk of his car. I made a collapsing metal handle for it from 2 piece of steel tubing, so it can be used to reach under the wheels of the car when it's stuck. Mine had a folding pick attachment.

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