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Interior paint peeling


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I have recently inspected a house that has a serious paint peeling issue. Five years ago the owners had all the wallpaper removed, only to find out the walls were never sized. The walls were primed and painted. Within the last year the paint on interior and exterior walls is peeling off in large chunks, even back down to the drywall. I inspected the crawlspace and found it dry as a bone with poly spread throughout, and not a drop of moisture to be found. I'm thinking the glue from the old wallpaer was not cleaned off enough to begin with, thus causing this effect. Any help would be appreciated.


Teresa Aguilar

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Hi Teresa,

I remember hearing about this problem one time on the Association of Walls and Ceilings Net Forum. Go over there and post your question and I bet you'll get some really good answers really fast. You'll find them at: http://www.awci.org/netforum/awci/a

Careful, those guys and gals over there can be get sidetracked with a lot of wisecracking, but they know what their talking about, so you'll get the best answers possible.



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