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What furnace manufacturer would you not use?


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There are a few online communities where consumer can get some educated help.

First one is http://www.hvac-talk.com, which is a forum for HVAC professionals, but you can ask any technical questions and can get more informative answers. But the website does not allow to discuss the price or cost of HVAC projects.

The second is "Heating and cooling" forum of http://www.gardenweb.com, where you can ask technical question and also discuss the whether the cost and price of heating or cooling are reasonable.

The third one is www.hvac-cost.com where consumer can share their purchase price of HVAC system or search the database to see how much other consumers are paying for a similar system at the same city or state.

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Goodman was one of the brands I distinctly chose to NOT buy; another was Carrier. Sears furnaces are made by Carrier.

Here we go again! [:-bigmout

the majority of the mechanical/electrical parts of any brand of furnace are produced by a handfull of co's,furnace manufacturers buy up truckloads of these parts to install in their cabinet/heat exchanger.

The ge stuff built in 70s-80s was made by trane,same with sears.

Trane equipt was notorious for cracked heat exchangers esp 80s-90s 80% furnaces i know this because i replaced/warranteed many of them.

Lennox equipt is like working on a chrysler/mopar automobile,good luck finding major parts on a sat night.

Early carrier spark ignitions suck,cheap built cabinets.

Goodman has actually gotten a lot better over the years,while others seem to be going backwards imo

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I understand that goodman makes Amana just like I understand that American Standard manufactures Trane and I understand that Toyota makes Lexus.

But just because Toyota makes Lexesm does not mean that it is the same engine nor the same finish quality.

Is there a real difference in Amana and Goodman as there is in Lexus and Toyota? I would think that there is because they have to cover a longer warranty. It seems almost everyone has to sell a "Piece of Cr@p" model because the general person out there will only buy the cheapest. It is just a fact of life.

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