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A home inspection pioneer died this morning

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But you probably never heard of her. She wasn't an inspector, but she ran our home inspection office from 1983-2000, she was instrumental in building out business, and she was my mother, Betty Morrison. Our clients and colleagues loved her banter and perpetual helpfulness. Much of our success is due Mom, who turned prospects into paying customers, and even friends.

She struggled with emphysema and lung cancer for years and finally laid her burden down this very morning. The last month was particularly excruciating for her. Next time you see a tobacco exec, key their Porsche for me, would you?

True patriarch that he is, my father, Al, whom some of you know, is taking it like the Marine he is. 50 years of marriage. He is the strongest man who ever lived.

Over and out,


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I am sorry to hear about your loss. The love of our mothers can not be replaced. Where would we be without our mothers.

Mine did the best to raise me right and as i read your post yours did her best for your family.

I wish I had not been so hard headed and listen to mine earlier in life.

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Though I've never met your Mom or your Dad, I think we are all, to a certain extent, a reflection of our parents. You have been a great example for many of us on this board over the years, and that tells me that your folks did a great job raising you and instilling admirable qualities in you; which can only mean that the loss of your mom is also our loss. I'm truly saddened, heartbroken actually, over your loss; if there is anything I can do to help ease your pain during this difficult time, please don't hesitate to ask.

We love you Cuz.



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MGB (Michael) and Mike O comment reflect my sentiments well. The loss of one's mom is the hard for a man to endure. They are the backbone of most families. Your observation of your father is telling.

I lost my mom when I was 18. It was swift. I'm thankful I did not have to watch her suffer.

Your family is in my prayers.

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