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Common Venting Connector Rule


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Hi All,

Quick like a bunny. I'm having a senior moment and can't find the rule in the code that says a water heater vent connector to a common vent must enter higher than the connector from the furnace. Anyone know that one is lcoated off the top of your heads?



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Was it this one?

From the 06' IRC

G2427.10.4 (503.10.4) Two or more appliances connected to a single vent. Where two or more vent connectors enter a common gas vent, chimney flue, or single-wall metal pipe, the smaller connector shall enter at the highest level consistent with the available headroom or clearance to combustible material.Vent connectors serving Category I appliances shall not be connected to any portion of a mechanical draft system operating under positive static pressure, such as those serving Category III or IV appliances.


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