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Ceramic tile stair treads

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I didn't think of measuring them while onsite. In the absence of a slam dunk, I'll pass on this issue especially since the client made a decision after the verbal report to walk away from the house (based on other numerous findings).

Thanks for all the responses.


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I think the idea of non-skid treads is interesting. You run into a lot of problems whether they won't stick to the surface you're working with or they're just too slippery. As for myself, I work with a company called Handi-Ramp. We produce non-skid stair treads called Handi-Treads which work on almost any surface and are great for both residential projects as well as contractor's needs. You can find them at Link deleted, otherwise just remember to be safe and wise when choosing whatever tread or non-slick surface you're going to work with!

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How about an opposite situation. The treads were replaced and the nosing trim sticks up about 1/4"

. This makes it an uneven stair tread with a little stop. It could also be a trip hazard depending on foot size. Wish I had a pic but the nosing is like a transition piece that's a little thicker than the tread.

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