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Kurt; you'll love this one...

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Casey, O’Malley Associates has established a National Network of claims consultants to perform inspections.

The assignments are coming in and Network Members are needed across North America to perform this work. The number of Network Members per area is limited.

Inspectors must meet certain experience minimum requirements and pass an online course (only $199) to be entered into the Network. For a limited time, persons taking and passing the COA Claims Consultant Course will also receive a complimentary one-year membership in AEBC, the Association of Expert Building Consultants.

See http://www.caseyomalleyassociates.com/n ... ection.php for more information.

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Yes, they'll never go away. They have a nationally recognized professional society advancing their agenda.

On one level (the surface), the idea of competent claims adjusters with good inspection skills is a good idea. That's the way it should be.

On the levels that matter, its just another shill for their crappy training courses. Marketing trumps reality every time.

They've already signed up the usual suspects, i.e., ASHI past presidents.

I don't get worked up about this anymore. It's the same song played in a different key.

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