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Armadillo pecadillo

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In the NE GA piedmont we don't see many armadillos.

One visited my yard this week and did a lot of damage digging little holes.

The other nite my daughter's little feist dog was beside herself barking at something hidden under a solid riser leading from a bottom steps landing to a patio.

They say the animal, when startled, jumps straight up. When the dog barkde, daughter said there were thumps under the step, which is an area of very limited access due to proximity ot ground and to fact that most of the 16" riser rests on the pavement.

Yesterday I removed one board to look, with my shotgun at the ready, a stout steel pipe as a cudgel, and a flashlight. The board was 12' long and had not moved in ten+ yrs, so it took a while.

Like Geraldo at the door to AlCapone's secret passage, however, I found nada under the step.

Any of the brethren here have armadillo tips to share?

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