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Washington State Mold and Quadrant Homes


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I knew of the former lawsuits. I was involved with inspecting 15 homes that Quadrant bought back from their owners as a result of that former suit. They weren't any better or any worse than any other home around here. In that case, the drywall contractor had allegedly put up the ceiling in the garage before the duct feeding heat to rooms above the garage were installed and connected to their boots and the air from the furnace had been blowing through insulated joist bays to those rooms and folks had been breathing fiberglass dust and their lungs had become irritated.

The mold claims sensationalize the issue more but don't really add to the merits of the case. Saying there is mold in the air of those homes is like saying there is sand in the desert. This complainant in one of these articles that is not running his furnace and is living in a cold house in one room, because he thinks that the furnace is contributing to the mold growth, is putting his family at more risk than if he used the furnace. By stuffing his family into one stuffy unventilated room he's basically dumping large amounts of moisture into that room and that will cause the mold spore that is already there and ever-present in the air around all of us here to explode in growth.

As Bugs Bunny would say, "What a maroon!"



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