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Question about selling website

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I'm thinking of selling my website but not sure how much to ask. I am and have been placed in the top 5 in almost all internet searches when somebody is looking for a home inspector or inspection for many years now.

While there is a lot more to what I'm asking, I would like to know what you guys think about how much you think to ask.

Note: My business is located in the second largest county in the state.

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FYI - Google tracks your location and caters the search results by default. Other search enges probably follow the same type of algorithm. So if you are monitoring your placement from the same computer(s), your results will vary from what others see in their search results.

I could be wrongs, but I think if you don't actually click any links when checking placement it will not skew your results.

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One thing that could hurt someone;

If they buy your site for its content and then apply it to a different url, they would likely get tossed into the sandbox by google and have lousy ranking. The new url with your content would get flagged as having duplicate content.

I don't know how they do it but you can get nailed pretty quick by having duplicate content.

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