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Lumix ZS5 on sale---great deal!

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My first Lumix is a TZ5 and its still my primary workhorse. Wife then had to have one so there's two in the family. Now the kid borrows hers and forgets to put it back and it makes her mad. Lots a fightin goin on around here over them.

So I started searching and found the ZS for $159. Kids birthday is coming up. I had to nab one. I'll put it in the closet until his B-day.

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Is there much of a shutter lag? How about the focus speed?

I'm kinda spoiled with my DSLR. With my wife's (old) Sony Cybershot, you have a 1/2 second delay or better between pushing the shutter button and the picture actually being taken. And don't ask about how long that camera takes to focus!

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