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Brick and Masonry Education

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I know several threads have alluded to different educational options, but I'm too lazy to search the archives and figured it'd be good to start a new thread about this topic so it'd be easier to find in the future.

What are options for good masonry education and/or resources? Methods of installation, types of bricks/masonry, etc. ...

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BIA is good. You now have to register and sign in to view tech notes.

Mike, I thought that was true and I did register a long time ago. When I went there this morning to check it still existed, and using a new browser (firefox), I was prepared to re-register as I have forgotten my username/password. However, I found I was able to access all the technical PDF's without signing in at all.

The site has changed a lot since my last visit. Maybe the rules have too?

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Another fine source for information is the National Concrete Masonry Association (Just like the BIA, but for concrete masonry units). I used to have both the binder from the BIA and the NCMA, which are both totally amazing resources. Unfortunately I loaned them out and, of course, they grew legs. Those publications are not available to anyone other than distributors, unless things have changed, but the individual articles within those binders cover about any possible application or remedy to a problem regarding masonry units - including retaining wall design, graffiti removal, materials defects, installation practices, you name it! Great source of educational information regarding masonry. [:-graduat

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