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Mobile Home Plumbing Question


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I can't speak for the Golden State, but up here, we don't expect to see shutoffs under the sinks in a mobile home. Sometimes, people have added them, good idea. I believe in the US they are under the HUD jurisdiction.

If your unit was lacking them, it's a good bet that's the way it left the factory.

They left stuff off for two reasons, to save money and to reduce weight.

I have pics of mobile home toilets with plastic toilet tanks. Lovely.

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42.46 KB

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Here the $90 Nikon Coolpix captures the water drops falling from the leak in the sink. Fascinating stuff. [:)]

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Weren't required then. Don't know about now. Go to "library" on the menu bar above, use your cursor to make the sub-menu appear and then click on "File Downloads." Scroll down until you find The HUD Code - MHCSS (Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards at 24 CFR 3280). Check out the section of water distribution systems.



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Since you are mentioning the water heater supplies I assume the plumbing you refer to are the water pipes. We have a slew of mobile home factories in our area of Florida and back in the 70's I used to work for them installing the plumbing so I'm familiar with their construction...

[Dropped link removed by Editor. Come-on, if you're going to drop your link you could at least try and contribute to the thread.]

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