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PVC pipe sticking up from basement floor


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Hello everyone,

I did an inspection today on a 2005 house. In the basement, toward the front of the house I found this pipe sticking up from the floor. It is PVC and it is tee'd into another pipe running under the floor. I have no idea why it is there. There is wet fiberglass sitting at the bottom so I know water is flowing through it. Any help would be appreciated. I feel like a dummy posting this but I just can't seem to connect the dots.

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Well, but it isn't necessarily a passive system. The builder probably installed the piping before pouring the slab premptively, like John G. suggested.

If there were a radon issue once the house was completed, the builder could have connected the piping to a fan to mitigate the radon without having to tear into the slab. I assume there was an easy-enough method by which to extend the pipe to the exterior in the OPs house.

Here, I often see the same set-up, with a pipe installed in a chase, and terminating in the attic. Builders have learned it's easier--and more attractive--to address installation of the piping during construction rather than after.

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