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Identify this crawlspace critter

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I found this thing in a crawlspace today. The little guy was about 3-1/2" long and real skinny. He was likely blind also; my flash didn't cause any reaction. (Camera flash, that is. I didn't drop my trousers to test his reaction.) His tail wasn't pointed like a lizard, it was more of a small "flipper" type thingie.

Anyone know what it is?

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I figured it was some type of salamander/newt, but I didn't know exactly what kind. In a dozen years, I've seen some odd crawlspace inhabitants but never one of these. I have placed my hand on huge slugs a couple of times, though. The area to the left in the pic was quite damp, and when he finally moved he sort of fell off the edge of the brick and down into the mud.

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