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pier -- eccentric load pics


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I have taken a little bit of heat in the past (from RE agents) for pointing out potential problems with girders which sit well off of the center of the piers supporting them. I always point out the potential for problems even if none are visible at the time of the inspection. Around here, we have soil which is generally pretty stable so problems don't always show up early.

I've seen this kind of problem before, but only before I began to take photos about 6 years ago.

If you need proof of what can happen, here it is. Note the side of the pier which is shearing off.

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Great photos. Hopefully first floor has not already collapsed!

Strange assembly ........with two layers of concrete "brick" in first photo. In second photo........pier in distance appears to consist of 3 layers of concrete brick between four full block........makes one wonder.

In first photo.....is top block at least filled solid?

Any footing that may be wider than the pier?

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