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Well did everybody get their ASHI branding "unveiling" email today?

Did it answer all of your questions?

Are you sold now?

Any thoughts or comments?

There is a button on the email to share (forward) the presentation, did anybody NOT receive the pitch and would like to see it? [:-idea]


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I've got a cable modem so it downloaded very quick but, it sure seemed like more than 15 minutes of repeating the same thing they have been saying.[:-banghead]

But it did raise an additional question. 6% of the branding money is going to be spent on Ambassador training. Who are the Ambassadors?

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I don't know if you have MAACO Auto painting franchises out your way, but here in the New England area they constantly advertise their premium ' Ambassador ' paint package.

The 6% contribution toward Ambassador training is the Branding failsafe. Should the whole program fail, all of the elite ' EXPERIENCE ' inspectors (the chosen few) will automatically have training to change careers and be a MAACO Ambassador paint technician.

Now that is thinking ahead. What a program! [:D]

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Thanks for clearing that up. I thought it had to do with ASHI. I should have known better.[:-banghead]

Our local chamber of commerce has "Ambassadors"

also.[:D] They work very hard at recruiting new members. I told them to pass out "Ambassador" cigars. that might bring people in.[:-eyebrows]

Like we need help bringing people into the area. It was 74 here today, 79 yesterday.[:-bonc01] I am waiting for some of these snowbirds to go home.[:-sleep]

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This thing came with a button to forward it on to other inspectors. Since presumably every ASHI member past and present got this thing, it must be for forwarding to prospective members. I think ASHI wants every inspector to see it. The hope is that it will make others want to join. They are obviously very proud of it. I am at the office now and do not have it on this computer, but when I get home tonight, I will forward it to you. It is not illegal, immoral or unethical for you to see this and I am pretty sure ASHI wants you to see it.



Don't get your hopes up. This presentation only tells you WHAT they plan to do. It still fails to answer the question "HOW" they plan to do it or how something this expensive could have gotten so far without the approval of the membership.

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