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i found a hole in my garage, what is it???

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Eureka! Call Geraldo and tell him you found Jimmy Hoffa's vault!


Hoffa wasn't buried; he was processed and fed to the teamsters in Coney Island dogs at Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island dog stands outside some of the mills in Detroit. All of his bones were ground up and used as fertilizer and the teeth were taken down to a machine shop and crushed to powder under a press and mixed in with abrasive that was then used to make emory cloth that the auto factories used to polish stuff in the plants. Don't you ever read the checkout stand tabloids? Jeesh, how uninformed can one get?



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I found a hole in the chicken wire roof of my chicken pen, and then remembered that the nite before I had shot a possum that had breached security and was climbing inside to get at roosting hens, who sounded the alarm.

I took my best shot quickly, dropped him from six feet away right through the roof, and actually thought the pellet group would make it through without damage.

Live and learn.

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