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New York requirements


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I'm still doing research on the Inspector Pro Insurance program.

On their website they have listings for state requirements. under the NY heading they have this-

New York

* Uses InterNACHI's exam for licensing.

* GL insurance requirement

Is that a true statement?

I'm just trying to figure out if this company is any way tied into P.T.'s circus.

Doesn't the 'house' with a check mark look familiar?

http://inspectorpro.citadelus.com/progr ... lights.php

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Yeah it is.

I e-mailed him today asking for more info on the association I am required to join.

It's called The Real Estate Services Purchasing Association'. I haven't been able to find any info. It's kinda strange; the E & O premium is LESS then the membership dues.

Hopefully I'll get more (good) info.

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I'm licensed in NY. I don't know about the test because the license was reciprocal to NJ, I only needed to provide my NJ license and proof of general liability, they don't ask for E&O and it's not required there. If you go to the NY Dept of State web site it has the guidlines for HI Licensing. Best part, biennial license costs $100, same in NJ is $500.

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It is my understanding that you need $150,000 per occurrence/$500,000 aggregate in Commercial General Liability. No E&O required. If you decide you want to purchase E&O, many carriers have a rider for premises coverage (bodily injury/property damage at the inspection site) that would meet the NY requirements.

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