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Some days we're just lucky


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After removing the panel cover my first realization was this:

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If you peer through the screw hole, you can see frayed plastic insulator for a 40 amp cable. Last time I hit one, it was the main service cable (200 amps). Now that was a light show - sparks and smoke blew out the edges of the panel cover plunging everything into darkness. And the arc between the screw and the panel cover melted away a nice chunk of the panel cover around the screw hole, as if it had been hit with by a welding wand - not to mention that big arc welder like hum, as the current surges. It always happens so fast that the only first thought one can possibly have is, "I survived!" Yes!!! (Needless to say, I didn't put that screw back in.)

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Thank you Lord, for this day!

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Why is that?

Because the thrill is gone

It's gone away from me

- BB Katen

Where's Lucille?...

Actually, that's funny. I, as a parent of five, used to tell my folks, regarding my kids and alcohol/drugs, "One never knows what the next thrill will be for a generation. It might be sticking their fingers in light sockets."

Fortunately, all of my kids escaped both. I think it's because I was so blatantly honest with them. I used to tell them, "Hey, I'm not going to lie to you, I had a LOT of fun partying in my younger days, but I sure would like to get that ten years back, because that's about what I wasted - ten years of my life." I think they took that to heart. And, they all have all their fingers and toes, etc. It's a miracle!... [:-thumbu]

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I had a similar experience when I first started doing inspections. I was in the basement or a three family in an inner city finishing up on the electric. Hot as balls August afternoon. Late in the day, all the locals on their stoops drinkin' and smokin'. FedPac panels for all three units. As I was replacing the deadfront on the last panel it hit a wire and tripped the main. The whole house went dead and the smell of ozone was everywhere. I asked my client who was standing next to me if he was ok. He said he was good. He was the nephew of the owner. I switched on the main and the power came back up. A few seconds later I hear out the basement window one of the locals yelling "I smell smoke". Other locals outside mention the same and start running around looking for the source, which I figuring is the house I'm in begining to burn to the ground. Then one of the locals yells out "There's a car fire on the corner". I've never been happier to see a car burn in my whole life.

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