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Anyone else having trouble with their Fenix?

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I watched the video, but it was only about cleaning with alcohol.

Is there another video for repairing the switch?

No. The switch on my flashlight would only get the light to turn on about one out of five clicks, so I assumed it was a bad switch.

After giving everything a thorough cleaning with alcohol, my switch magically started working 100% of the time.

Magic I tell you.

- Reuben

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Yeah, I'm having trouble with my Fenix.

To be precise, I dropped it in about 14 inches of blown-in fiberglass insulation somewhere in the 30 feet between the attic access and the far corner of the attic where I had gone truss-hoping to look at a plumbing vent.

Didn't even realize it 'till I got back down the ladder, and when I went back up to look... could... not... find... flashlight - it had vanished without a trace.

Moral of the story, I guess, is just leave it on the whole time I'm in the attic, even on the medium-low setting (which is where I leave of most the time in attics) I could probably have spotted it once he attic light was off.

Gotta' say, though, I loved that light, enough anyway to have ordered another overnight shipping.

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