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Habitat for Humanity

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I'm thinking of volunteering for HFH. Anyone ever done it?

As much as I hated the hard work of building and remodeling, I miss it from time to time. My body misses it to. I figure if I can get some real exercise and help people at the same time, thats a win-win for everyone.

Any input, good or bad on the org would be great.

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Try to get with a group of friends or associates. I have done it before with members from our ASHI Chapter and the Elks Lodge I belong to. It makes for an enjoyable time if you can do it with folks you know. If you bring your own tools you should expect that other folks will use them and I have seen a few disappear over a weekend build.

All in all it makes for a feel good day knowing that you are helping folks get a fairly nice and safe home.

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Habitat jobsites have very good energy. Like scottpat said, don't be surprised if some tools get lost in the fray.

I served on a local board for three years, helped them develop estimate spreadsheets. Volunteer work in general is a good learning experience, and Habitat is one of the most effective groups I know in terms of real accomplishment.

One salient memory of mine is cutting off a roof deck overhang with a skilsaw in my left hand, using the dropcord as my safety line held by a guy at the ridge, just as it began to sleet pretty good with a mean east wind. Me thinking, the pay for this duty is nada but goodwill.

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