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Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over

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Greetings gentlemen, long time no see. I hope all of you are doing well.

I’m dropping by to let you know that I’m moving back into the strange and relatively unfamiliar world of having a real job. 2009 was weak, 2010 was just plain bad, and 2011 is a barren wasteland of economic desolation; I’m at the end of my rope. Shite happens.

I wanted to thank everyone here who helped me when I needed it. I was a far better inspector for having hung around here than I ever would have been on my own. I had a good time, I learned a lot, and it didn’t cost a penny…you can’t beat that.

Here’s hoping all of you can stay in the game as long as you like. Best of luck to you all.

Brian G. [:-paperba

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Gosh Brian,

I had no idea things had been so bad; wish we could have helped somehow. We have really really missed you around here. Please, you are part of our little disfunctional family; even though you're entering the world of the employed again, come by here and hang out. You don't have to talk about home inspections; hell, most of us blab about non-home inspection stuff all the time. Just come by and jaw about anything you want.

Whatever you do, you'll always have a home here, Old Friend.



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I am going to add a short personal note about Brian G. He is a role model for all folks getting into this business.

A Gentleman, poet, curious and great person to spend some time with. That last sentence will bother him because it ends with a preposition!

You new people could learn volumes by reading his postings over several years, Particularily those dealing with his skill making water heater pans.

A really good guy. Proud to know him!

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Yeah, what Les said.

Brian was one of the earliest folks in here @ TIJ. He wouldn't ever let me get away with anything, and we've gone around more than a couple times sniping with words and ideas.

I miss the sumbitch, he understood me in ways most folks don't.

He's a gentleman, and anyone lucky enough to have him working with them should be thankful.

All the best to you going forward, my friend.

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I hate to eulogize the poor bastard because he ain't dead, he just got hisself a job. But I will take the opportunity to say that Brian is a rare man and as good a friend as you'll find anywhere. He's funny and smart; kind when he can be, vicious when he has to.

I know you'd never lower yourself and travel this far North of the Mason-Dixon, bro, but you'll always have a place at my house if you find yourself here.

Your brother from another mother,


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My friends, the kind words are much appreciated. I think I'll have my wife read this thread...she doesn't see to recognize all of my fine qualities the way you boys do. [;)]

It isn't the end of the world. Once I re-grow the fingernails I broke off as I maniacally clung to the edge for the last 6-8 months, all will be well. I did my mourning last year, so I'm pretty well over it and looking forward to a change. I did this as long as I've done anything in the world of work. It suited me.

Financially, it's actually a relief to know I'll be bringing in a decent paycheck every week. As business was falling off last year we got hit with one big expense after another, running right up to Janet's complete hysterectomy (sp?) just over a week ago. I was starting to think I wasn't living right or something, but that's just life sometimes.

At least we're not in debt (beyond the usual stuff) and we haven't tapped out our resources. I know a lot of folks are hurting worse than we are right now, and I don't think the economy has quite hit bottom yet. May the bounce come sooner than later, for all their sakes.

Brian G.

On the Rebound [:-thumbu]

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Brian, From the moment I met you at ITA, it was clear you are one of a kind.

I'll second that. It's why I was bummed out when I realized you weren't hanging out here, upon my return.

YOU KNOW you can stop in anytime, home inspector or not, and everyone here's going to be thrilled to hear from you, as they are right now. Please stay in touch.

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Brian, to be honest, I was relieved once I read your post. Having gotten used to your sense of humor over the last few years, I really thought I was going to read something about a terminal illness when I saw the topic heading.

So...I'm very, very happy that you're well. Jobs are just jobs. They count, but not for much in the grand scheme of things. Best wishes. Enjoy wherever your path now leads you.

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