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New Carrier data numbers ?

Nolan Kienitz

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Anyone have the magical decoder ring (err file) for the new Carrier systems?

All the data sheets I have don't address the BTUs/tonnage and other such numbers in the new 2010 systems.

I've attached a couple data plate images from two Carrier systems at today's HI.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif Image00030.jpg

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Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif Image00031.jpg

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Hi Nolan,

The first #'s in the model # are almost always btu's/1000 - in this case I think the Btu's are the model # 24.... x1000= 24,000. At 12,000 btu's to the ton, that would equal a two ton unit.

Date of manufacture is on the tag.

Problem there is that there are two different size units and the 24 exists as part of the model number on both units.

The divisible by 12 just isn't sticking its head out on these 2010 model units.

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