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This year, business has been going slower than a herd of turtles until about 10 days ago and now the phone is on fire. It's about danged time. I must confess I'd forgotten what it felt like to be putting a little money in the savings account.

Conversely, I inspected a $1.85mil condo in the residential portion of the Ritz-Carlton this morning. A former player for the Red Sox sold it to an unnamed overseas buyer. Mr. Unnamed Buyer's attorney set it up and told me that the buyer's name was confidential.

Boy, the other half really does live differently than the rest of us, huh?

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For me it's been consistently steady through most of the recession.

That's not saying much, 'cuz I won't do more than one a day. So, I get booked out days in advance and easily keep plugging in the blanks at the end of the queue. The only occasional ripple has been the friggin bank-owned properties. Every once in a while I'll get a flurry of them and they almost always cancel and reschedule at least once because some lazy bastard at a bank somewhere can't get off his or her ass and finish the paperwork by the date they promised they'd finish.



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