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Ever have a raccoon drop in?

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Yesterday, I was explaining to a client why she needed a spark arrestor on her chimney flue. When I got to the part about keeping out animals, she said, "Oh, I've already been through that. A raccoon fell through the ceiling of my apartment."

"Huh . . . "

She showed me the photos on her iPhone, and I asked her to zap them to me.

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I wouldn't think a racoon would be heavy enough to fall thru the ceiling like that!

I'm a bit heavier than a racoon and from time to time, I've accidentally placed a bit to much weight on the ceiling board while trying to traverse across the framing. Hmmmm.

I thought the same exact thing, and asked my client about it. She said the Critter Control people said the raccoon was probably wet, and bounding around.

All I have are the photos and what she told me.

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