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Cell phone life saver

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I came across this item about a guy who can charge his cell phone with a hand-crank flashlight.

With thousands of people missing in Japan and several million households without power, possibly for weeks, I got thinking about the life-saving power of the cellphone and its one limitation - battery power loss.

Scott, your daughter on the Mosquito Coast could use one of these.

http://www.geek.com/articles/mobile/rec ... r-2010104/

http://www.dealextreme.com/p/dynamo-han ... arger-3669

A couple of years ago, there was a plane crash on the North end of our big island. Two of the 5 passengers survived the crash into thick bush in thick fog. Cellphone coverage is pretty sporadic up there, but they managed to get one call out before the battery died, and they were found fairly quickly. Just knowing which side of the mountain they were on helped.

(That plane was a Grumman Goose WWII flying boat. I flew to and from Bella Bella a couple of times in that very same craft.)

Hikers and skiers are being located quite regularly nowadays by their cellphone calls for help.

I believe a crank charger should be in everybody's survival kit.

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I have a Duracell disaster flashlight here. It has it's own crank generator, an FM/AM/WB radio. It has a DC volt in, headphont jack and a USB out jack that one uses to power computerized devices, battery chargers, etc.. Got it for under $20.



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