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Yesterday's Two Fully Functional Light Switches

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Lotsa strange people in this world.


It's probably some form of code developed by a marriage counselor. [:-hspin]

Which reminds me of joke:

A guy comes home to his wife, and immediately opens his outstretched hand to reveal a couple of Bayer Asprins.

His wife says, "What's that for? I don't have a headache."

To which he says, "Good! Let's go!" as he points toward the bedroom.


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I'll leave it to the moderators to decide if the humor outweighs the questionable taste.

It cracked me up anyway, but in the master bedroom?.. Well, for that matter anywhere in the house.... [:-tophat]

Really rude: Could have been Mickey and Pluto going into kids room?

Yeah, it's not the kind of thing I could ever permanently affix to my home.

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. . . It cracked me up anyway, but in the master bedroom?.. Well, for that matter anywhere in the house.... [:-tophat]

It's part of the gay aesthetic. Were the sellers a gay couple?

I don't think so, but then who knows anymore?

It was a foreclosure, but oddly enough the past owner was working on the house next door - removing decayed plywood paneling from a bay window. The buyer talked to him for a bit, as did I when I first arrived, not realizing he was the previous owner.

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I've come across a few of those switchplates. I've put this in the reports:

"If the lights stay on for more than 4 hours, call your doctor".

Love it.

If I ever get to four hours, I'll call in the harem...

"Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead..." ~David Farragut (No pun intended, Jim... ) [:-eyebrow

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Tell me this. And be truthful. Did you get a little tingle when you toggled those switches up and down?

Never really gave it a thought... Being in inspector mode - it was just another switch to flick.

I've seen switch plates like this before, but it's usually an animation of some country bumpkin, but Michelangelo's David?... Two of 'em side by side did make it a bit funnier.

At any rate, never a dull moment in our business.

On a side note, Bain, today was probably the third time ever that I vehemently told a buyer on the phone not to buy a house. They guy was going to buy a foreclosure to flip. He was planning to throw 25 K at it, but it was the money pit - trashed. I could have written a book about this house. The previous owner had even dug out a duct under the addition slab, from the crawlspace - we're talking it looked as if someone was trying to dig their way out of a concentration camp. I've never seen a house so completely abused in ways that make no sense at all. It was down right shocking.

At any rate, I told him: "This house is so bad that all 25K will do is bring it up to an average house in the neighborhood, and then the next home inspector is STILL going to beat you up to the tune of probably another 7K. There are foreclosures all over town in awesome shape. Why fool around with a disaster like this? The best you can possibly hope for with this house is to make a totally trashed house ordinary. Instead, go find an ordinary house and make it extraordinary. A lot of my clients don't end up getting the first foreclosure they make an offer on, and the next time I see them, they've made an offer on a real keeper. And we all look at each other thinking momentarilly about the dump they almost bought."

He thanked me, as did his Realtor (they went to college together - friends).

So, hopefully I'll hear from them again soon.

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