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When Local Governments Dabble in Inspections


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Stokes, a real estate agent, said the inspection program makes it difficult to sell homes in Wentzville, especially foreclosed homes owned by banks.
That's the banks problem. This is one selfish agent.

The engineers reported that maintaining the inspection program would protect home values and keep Wentzville consistent with surrounding communities.
Dang engineers...Inspections are for protecting the buyers!

Stokes said Wentzville's program was not consistent with surrounding communities.
Who cares? How hard could it be to do better?

A 20 minute inspection is better than nothing.

The smart move is to waive city inspections where a home inspection has been done. That, and an inexpensive program of education for the homebuying public on the value of a home inspection, like Ben's video (from an adjacent thread).

Aren't there any HI's in this town? Why don't they speak up? The agent did.


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