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Synthetic rubber flooring tiles-- any experience?

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I worked in an office that had it, held up well to heavy traffic. It's been my experience with all sheet flooring that installing with a seam doesn't hold up well. This stuff is no exception. If it were my floor, I'd want to get it done without any seams, or I would find another material.

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It is a commercial product, but I do dig it.

The raised circular, and I think any of the raised patterns, is only available in tiles, which is unfortunate, but..... the manufacturers have rubber strips used to make it seamless (rubber welding).

My house was built in the 60's, and there's the original sheet linoleum in bathrooms. I am hoping that I can use a liquid floor leveler atop the existing flooring, and then work off of that....still need to look into whether that is an option.

I will be gutting everything in the bathroom, with the exception of the tub/shower, which will be a future project. For now, I'll be ripping out cabinets, an unnecessary closet, the toilet, etc.


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I'm considering a bathroom remodel in my own home, and like this look:

Do any of you have any experience with installing this stuff or have any reasons why I should re-consider installing it?

I've never installed that stuff, but I've watched it being installed on two different projects in the last few years on the common area stairways in multifamily housing buildings. It's extremely durable.

I think it would work just fine in a residential bathroom. Be sure to use exterior underlayment grade plywood. Do not use particleboard or luan. (I'd be tempted to use Hardibacker, but Roppe prohibits it.)

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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