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HI Artography - Broken Door

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BTW. This building was a story. A nearly finished 6 flat renovation on Chicago SW side but they ran out of money and got foreclosed. The bank did not take adequate safety precautions. The good rehabbers know how to button up their work and install security systems to warn police of break-ins. The banks are clueless.

Every wall in every kitchen and bath was opened up to steal all the new copper piping. The ceilings were opened to steal the duct work. 6 furnaces and water heaters stolen, of course.

Every J box was opened to pull out any wiring that could be pulled or the wires were snipped short to get a few inches of copper. Every outlet, fixture and light switch was damaged. The SEC was cut at the drip loop and everything copper after that was stolen that was godly possible.

New water main was cutoff and the basement flooded. About 4 “of ice. They even broke out the old cast iron DWV in the basement and took that. That’s desperate. This had to have taken a couple of days. I’m guessing $150,000+ in damage. It’s just too bad.

The tubs and toilets were not yet taken but the thieves will be back. They were probably watching during my inspection. The place is still not properly boarded up.

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