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Wire for gas logs???

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I saw this during my morning inspection. I believe it's the wire for the wall switch that turns the gas logs on and off. I know there's all kinds of wires used with a set of gas logs but this one seemed funny. I wonder if it would melt from the heat and if it was an add on. Just wanted to get ya'lls input.



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It probably won't melt. I find lots of wires directly beneath gas fireplaces all the time and they do fine. The only difference with your setup is that the control valve is inside the firebox with the gas log set and isn't on another side of the floor of the firebox. I suppose you could recommend they expose a little less of that wire to the heat and fish it up from beneath the firebox and bring it up right next to the control valve so that only a very small amount of wiring would actually be inside the firebox; however, if the heat isn't melting the plastic control knobs on the front of that control valve I doubt that it's going to melt that wiring.



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