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A new twist on recycling

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Here is something I ran into a few weeks ago and thought perhaps might be a good idea.

It would keep the wife and kids busy AND save the enviroment.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif WhackyFront_M.jpg

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Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif WhackyRear_M.jpg

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Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif HummingBird_M.jpg

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Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif Flowers-M.jpg

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I particularly like the railing AND the painted chimney.

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Yeah, we get those around here too. Only the ones around here like to use ordinary rusty junk. I've had 4 or 5 houses where owners have collected old bicycle frames, antique license plates, old soft drink and tire brand signs, old farm implements, etc., and have decorated the entire front yard and the front of the house with them.

Had one the other day where the homeowner is obviously a novice. It was a 4 year old Euro manse and the homeowner had taken an extremely rusty 40's era Columbia bicycle, complete with tires and had placed it, buried most of the way to the axles, leaning against a tree-trunk in the front yard. I probed around the tires and found he's set it in concrete!

Dunno if it is some sort of connected movement of Artistic Wackos Anonymous or it is random. If it's random, maybe I should refrain from drinking the water up here.



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I often think of the effort and time spent to create something like that.

More so, I wonder what the interior looks like.


I'm sure it has something to do with making a statement. I've never taken enough art classes to know the whole story

That's why I drink RO filtered water

I'm with Kurt, interesting to look at but not in MY backyard.

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Yeah, drinking lye is a hell of a triumph! Sounds to me like the lady was just nuts! Guess I'm not so deep either.

I used to live next to one of those "make crap out of crap, and stick it in my yard" people. The stuff looked bad and when it got windy, ended up in my yard.

The people were nice enough, so I tolerated it, until my dog ate the pantyhose windsock (that flew into our yard). I felt like a half-rate magician as I kept pulling the stocking out of his ass!

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