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Walter Jowers on stage

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His message was sound, but his delivary was harsh, often rude in my opinion. He came off as a real ass many times. A couple of members got tired of it and attacked him on some thread, he deleated a bunch of his postings and never came back. At least that is the way I remember it.

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Yeah Mark, that pretty much sums it up.

I miss his wit and wisdom too, but I don't miss his bullying. And that's what it was - bullying. He was a very good writer. Some people aren't. He seemed to relish in skewering those with writing skills that weren't up to what he thought they should be, all under the guise of helping that person and the profession as a whole. On the other hand, he seemed extremely thin skinned about criticism of himself. He would not even entertain the notion that his refusal to walk any roof was in any way shortchanging his clients.

There seems to be two different camps here concerning WJ - those who met him and those who haven't. From all I've heard, in person, he's a charming, engaging and gracious guy. That shouldn't buy you a free pass to be a bully on the internet.

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I heard he is skinning rabbits and greasing tilt-a-whirls somewhere south of Nashville.

For the record: He could be really direct. He did bully some folks. I never thought he intended to "hurt" anyone. The truth does hurt.

Oh ya, he was not always right. I'm not always right.

He poked me a few times.

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