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A couple of weeks ago I did an inspection for a very nervous buyer. When I got to the finished basement, I found evidence of water entry in the corner. (this is the same corner that had kick-out flashing missing at the brick).

I pointed out the 'evidence' of a water problem; that's when the realtor stated the buyer had the problem fixed and the wall repaired.

It seems someone told the seller that the underground connection to the downspouts was leaking and caused the problem.

Because of the 'repair', the base molding wasn't nailed. I simply pulled the molding off and found this:

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57.49 KB

I explained to the buyer that hidden damaged was present; the problem was I don't know the extent. There is probably rotted wood and water soaked insulation. I explained on site and in the report that someone needs to conduct further review by opening the walls to see the extent of the damage.

I got an e-mail last night that included this photo. Finally, someone gets it! Someone didn't take the word of the realtor-

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