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Texas TREC and TREC-IAC with a penalty matrix

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The TREC IAC (Inspectors Advisory Committee) has come up with a "penalty matrix" over the past month or so and it is being discussed in Austin this morning as I'm writing this post.

Appears that it will likely proceed and be adopted and put into the rules later this year. Now, mind you ... things can change so will have to see what comes out of today's meetings.

I've attached a direct copy of the Penalty Matrix that the IAC has proposed and I've also attached an opinion/counter-proposal by the local Texas state inspectors organization known as TAREI.

I've also put a link to a running Blog site that Mike Boyett (inspector in Austin) keeps up for many legislative issues regarding the HI community in Texas.

With all the choices in HI organizations (national and Texas local) well over 50% of all HIs do NOT belong to any organization. There is not a strong common voice for all of the inspector community. There are (as we can all understand) so many different voices and opinions and personal agendas that it is something akin to herding cats.

Anyway ... I just wanted to let y'all see what is going on in Texas and how the HIs appear to continually be set up for potential broadsides.

FYI ... as you know we are required to carry E&O and now TREC wants more visibility made of the (still viable and usable) Inspector Recovery Fund that an upset client can also tap and then there will potentially be the "inspectors penalty matrix".

Talk about a triple whammy.

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif TREC_IAC_PenaltyMatrix_Proposed.pdf

19.01 KB

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif ThePenaltyMatrix_TAREI-AlternativeProposal.pdf

18.66 KB

Mike Boyett - Austin HI ... Blog

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