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Stolen Tools Alert - New Jersey

Kyle Kubs

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That sucks!

Come to the NJ ALPHI Meeting tomorrow. Look for me or Joe and we can arrange an announcement for everyone to be on the lookout for someone selling the tools.

Another thought is that a lot of the multi inspector companies have downsized and there may be some excess used tools available to buy.

Good Luck.


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Sorry to hear that, Kyle

It happened to me about 10 years ago and I didn't even know it until I got a phone call.

I'd stopped at a 7-11 way down in South Seattle on the way home to buy a soft drink. Got in my van, drove home and then got a phone call from a guy. He said he'd stopped at a 7-11 and been approached by a kid wanting to know if he wanted to buy some tools. He'd looked them over, seen one of my business cards in the bag and then asked the kid how much he wanted. The kid said $150 and he haggled him down to $100 and got the tools. The guy lived near me, I drove over there and retrieved my tools. Actually gave him an extra $25 as a reward.

Kicked myself in the ass for leaving the back door of that van unlocked when I'd walked into that store. Now when I park my truck at one of those places it's always locked, parked where I can see it and I keep one eye on the van, one hand on my wallet and the other hand on my cell phone in case I have to chase some #@%*$^ @*#%^* down and need to call the police.



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I did service calls for an HVAC company in 08' for 5 months during the cooling season. They gave me a fully loaded service pickup. One Sunday afternoon, I took everything out of the tool boxes and laid them out on the driveway for a thorough cleaning and organizing. Next am, the boxes were empty. There was a lock on each one but the boss never gave me a key. I suspect a neighbor, but had no proof.

Boss paid for the losses, but I still felt bad about it.

When I stop at a service station in my wife's car, I won't even walk over to the passenger side to tank it up without first locking the doors.


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Sorry to post then go missing. Trying to keep up with this and push the PD into actually doing something more than just filing a report.

I had sent out an e-mail to several neighbors that are contractors to keep their stuff locked up & got a reply back from one up the street that he had been hit too. They took his GPS and wallet. Then managed to use his card at an ATM to withdraw $500.- but were also stupid enough (funny how it always works that way) to get video taped at the ATM. So the cops got the dumbass & I was hoping they might have my tools too, but apparently he's claiming he bought the card from someone. Getting any information or even having the detectives give me a call back is like pulling teeth.

The last time this happened nearly 15 years ago when I still lived on the east side of the state where you fully expect this stuff, I handed the two heroin addicts, properly bloodied up, over to the police. All the contractors they robbed that night and the night before all got their stuff back, 'cept the idiot plumber that kept a handgun under the seat in his van. Doesn't look like this one is going to work out that way.

I did put an add on Craigslist looking to buy tools, but no bites. Half of the Pawn Shops around here are just the legal faces on the illegal fencing operations that buy this stuff.

Steven, thanks for the offer. Much appreciated, I just couldn't work it out time wise.

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Johns on the right track. Viper now has the Smart Start system for smart phones. You are no longer limited by the fob range. If you have cell service, you have control of you car, and the notifications of the alarm and such. I did audio and security for about 15 years, heck I still do it now, just not full time.

I normally would not recommend average Joe attempting an install of these systems, but if any of you boys want to, I can get you the wiring info on your rides if you need them.

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