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Outdoor Lighting/Garden Lighting


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I am Tim Daily. This is my first post and i want to say on the topic of Light.

Light is very important in our life. It Decorate the home and our outdoor places like yard and garden.But The my question is the "How Much amount of light we waste Daily".We waste lot of electricity. If we use some low Voltage electricity ie LED and Solar light product,It will save lot of money and electricity,so that we can save the electrical and Mankind and bring the greenery.

The solar products of electrical are free to run being powered from renewable natural light. In this way they do not use mains electricity. Mains electricity is still largely provided from carbon emitting power sources. So using solar products rather than mains powered devices reduces carbon emissions which contribute to global warming.so for prevent the global warming is the use of solar products.


Link deleted by mod, post left because, well, it's funny.

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