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Let's Play Naaaammme Thaaaaaaat Rot!!!


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I thought I recognized that photo. Here's some more photos of that same crawl space. It's located in Marion County, Kentucky.

Good reasons for PPE.

How'd you get the photo, Mike? I've had the original posted on my cockmamie photos page since last year and sent it to several "mold experts" to see if they could identify it.

This guy finally helped the most, but still couldn't come up with a specific name for it, other than some type of brown rot, just based on the photo.

Fungal & Decay Diagnostics, LLC

Harold H. Burdsall, Jr., Ph.D.

9350 Union Valley Road

Black Earth, WI 53515-9798

Phone: 608-767-3930

FAX: 608-767-3920

Email: burdsall@fungaldecay.com

Web Site: www.fungaldecay.com

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