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Cut valley on wrong side?

Ben H

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This is a strange roof. I'll do by best to describe it.

The base of the roof was what I would call a Pyramid Hip. At each face of the 4 sides was a dormer. So you have a dormer at all four sides.

When you stand at the top of the base pyramid, you have 8 valleys, two per dormer. The roof was all kinds of jacked up, no flashing present at any wall of the dormer, only a nice thick bead of silicone. Check out the pic and tell me of you think they cut the valley on the wrong side. Something just doesn't sit right with me.

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No, they seemed to be pretty much centered. I think the left side of the valley was taken too far to the right, and the cap needed to go there to cover it. Or maybe the right side was cut short and they needed to shift the left.

I'll bet if you asked them, they wouldn't know either. [:)]

I think with the cut valley, you use common sense. The side with the largest volume of water cascading down should be cut so the water flows out over woven shingles rather than under cut shingles.

Usually the main roof is cut and the dormer side is woven, but on this roof, the dormer side has the greater area, so the dormer sides should be cut.

No wonder they got it wrong.

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There seems to be framing errors at the top. It's an overall dumb design. Roofer did his best. If I write anything up, it would be the framing, not the shingles.


Kinda hard to write up framing on a house that was built in 1915. It is still standing after all. However, the crappy roof was installed in 2009, that can be called to the carpet.

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