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installing an exhaust fan

yolanda waller

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Hausdok: the one man googling machine!


Well, it was either that or sit here and compose long explanations to each of her three separate posts on three separate topic areas about the same thing. I got the answer in 10 seconds on google and deleted two of her three queries in less time than it would have taken me to type four sentences in explanation.

I love search engines. Haven't had to visit a library for research in years.



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Kinda like combat.....all conflict takes place at the intersection of four deteriorating map sections. Maps don't work all that good.

I have a customer that works with the military. The USA is going iPads, custom mfg. with their own chipsets, hardened for field use.

Supposedly, Special OPS really digs them, and the guys out of Bragg are already iPad equipped, or are going to be so shortly.

Before, they were toting Toughbooks, which were OK, but too darn heavy.

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