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My inspection buddy!

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I love 'em all, except for the rare crazy.

"Man's best friend" is not just a cutesy saying. One Austrailian anthropologist believes homo sapiens succeeded (while neanderthals died out) largely because of our alliance with dogs. We gained an early warning system, prey tracking and chase capabilites far beyond our own, and an expanded/varied fighting ability. They got use of our big brains and all that comes with it (shelter, planning, steadier food supply, tools, etc., etc., etc.). It's just one theory, but I think it makes a fair amount of sense.

Brian G.

Dogged Fan of Canines [:-thumbu]

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I had one canine "friend" who nosed me in the nether regions unexpectedly while I was squatting down and peering under the kitchen sink. Seems he was a stealth dog, and didn't make his presence known whatsoever until the nose incident.

While I love dogs, that was decidedly unnerving. Later on, I realized I should be grateful he initiated contact with his nose, and not his teeth...

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I like dogs because they don't bullshit you but this guy kept head butting me until I would pet him. When I'd stop he'd growl. It was unnerving.

The owner kept saying, don't mind him, he's such a big baby. Ugh.

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Pit bull! My wife got bit in the calf by one the day before yesterday while she was paying the bill at our vet's office. 4 puncture wounds and a 2 hour wait at the emergency room.


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