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A rare day on Puget Sound

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Today was the first dry weekend after the winter and spring rains and one of those exceptionally nice days on Puget Sound. Bright sun, pale blue skies, a low of about 63°F and a high of about 67°F with absolutely no wind. The weather guy said that it will be raining tomorrow and for the next few days after that, so I guess everyone in the western corridor except me was out taking advantage of the day (I had to take the dog to the vet in the a.m. and had an inspection in the p.m.. Richard, were you out on the boat enjoying that sun today?

I live about 100 meters from the Burke-Gilman trail - an old rail corridor that's been converted for recreational use - and that place looked like the freeway at rush hour today. I bet at least a hundred thousand people were out walking/biking/skateboarding/scootering/wheeled skiing;roller skating/jogging/dog walking that trail today. The road bordering the trail along the lake was packed with parked cars of folks who parked there to get on the trail and the parking lot and turnaround at the boatramp on the slough was bumper-to-bumper trucks and trailer putting boats in and taking them out of the lake from early morning to dusk.

I went up to St. Andrews state park to walk the dog a little while ago and the place was just quieting down after an earthday celebration. They'd been clearing the trails and chipping the cut trees and the air was sweet. Thoroughly enjoyed my walk; so didn't Peanut.



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No, no boat today. Probably would have been a real zoo at the locks anyway.

However, I did put on shorts and exposed my legs to the public for the first time this year. Did some exterior chores and we then had friends over for burgers and "Opening Day of Mojito Season" (Mojitos being my wife's favorite summer drink). Beautiful day to be outside doing anything. I would like to think spring is finally here, but I just checked the forecast. More rain supposed to start tomorrow. Next dry day is a week away. Grrrr!

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The rails to trails program is great. Makes a nice green space for those that like to get out and exercise or just enjoy the outdoors.

Our Spring has been really wet here. Most every day of April has had rain and we're looking at rain until next Friday. I don't think I'd mind the rain so much if I could live in the Sound though. [;)]

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